WorkGoalEach management talking to company follows its own hiring procedure, but all of them have a common denominator – they seek the services of the best applicant from the audience. To do this, they implement a variety of resources to point out who can add extra durability to the company. The procedure usually begins with the recognition of human resources need and finishes with the deciding upon of profession agreement. In between these points are the steps described below. Once the need for extra professionals has been identified, employers post ads on their website, social networking records, paper and online job forums for distribution. However, famous companies carry out an all-year circular recruiting of applicants by performing information classes, supporting team actions, doing profession exhibitions and becoming a member of social networking actions. Luckily, most companies get thousands of cover letters and curriculum vitae per month as this industry is quite popular among recent graduate students and experienced professionals.

Recruitment management software helps in easing the complicated intricacies involved in this industry. This recruitment module provides HR departments and staffing organizations with a tough, scalable and high geared computerization platform that facilitates them to achieve Efficient Screening Process, Enhanced Candidates, Instant Reporting, and Complete adherence in their Recruitment business workflow processes. The Recruitment Management concerns about candidate screening, candidate status, recruiter details, on boarding employees and addresses many other interim recruitment stages.

Recruitment Management system consists mainly of five modules namely Candidates, Jobs, Accounts, Contacts and Settings. Candidates’ module helps to Source, Track and Hire candidates more efficiently. It helps the Recruiters to gather and manage multiple resumes, notes and attachments from multiple sources at a single place. The system also caters the provision of Category and Subcategory in order to categorize the candidates with regard to various domain and classification for a precise and accurate search. The most important highlight of this software is Outlook can be integrated with WorkGoal plug-in to parse resumes and save it to the candidate’s module in WorkGoal. Special Filters help in candidates search and send mass mails. The current status of all the job openings and candidates associated to the client can be viewed at one step. The contact details relevant to the account and linked to the corresponding jobs can also be viewed. In the general Configuration settings, access and permission is set for various roles in an Organization. This provides relevant authentication for data security. The mail alerts can be set while moving candidates from one status to another, assigning jobs and accounts to employees.

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