The methodical practice of recruitment and selection is the chief purpose of the Human Resource department of a particular organization. This constructs aggressive power and premeditated advantage for the firms to supply a pool of candidates for the reason of satisfying the vacant positions in the organization. A sequence of procedure from  finding  the potential employees  to assembling and carrying out the interviews has to be executed out in a detailed manner and should be standardized and mechanized for seamless flow of process.

Thus while looking for a complete human resource management suite, the human resource managers and top management officials must opt for a system that must satisfy their needs of achieving the business objectives. On that aspect, WorkGoal’s Recruitment Management software helps in understanding the needs and nuances that occur during the process of executing the recruitment process.

In WorkGoal, the recruitment module helps in managing the details of the candidates along with their resumes. One of the most important features in recruitment module is the resume parser. This parser will automatically parse the resumes that are in the Outlook mail. This parser is very accurate and reliable. The next feature that will make the job of a human resource professional easy is mass mailing. With one click human resource executives can mail their candidates with customized names while addressing. The advanced search options and customizable menu are other features that will help the managers to mould the system according to their business workflow needs.

The system is user friendly with precise, speedy, correct and advance search for simple and timely recovery of information. This recruitment software alleviates the work of Human Resource managers thereby integrating all the above discussed features in a single module.

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