Attendance Management SystemThe employees of an organization have the sole responsibility in maintaining a hale and healthy lifestyle, so as to fulfill the daily responsibilities. However, certain inevitable circumstances will occur where the employee is required to absent from the workplace. In those critical cases, the employees have added responsibility of reporting their absence. WorkGoal is a convenient and a precise Intranet based solutions that enable the managers to keep track of the employee attendance based on diversified events like shifts, permission, over-time, late and on duty. This interactive software keeps accurate attendance records and ensures that every employee of the organization is made conscious of attendance policies and reporting procedures.

The respective authority in charge keeps track of all the employee activities which offer customizable fields according to the needs of the respective managers. Every employee in a firm has the responsibility and the ability to create a positive impact on attendance as it promotes a positive work environment and emphasize the importance of consistent attendance. This has a direct impact on the performance review process of the candidates. The employee orientation program must be given to the newly hired employee. The importance of employee attendance and the negative impacts of frequent absenteeism must be explained and appropriate awareness should be given to the employees.

The Human Resources team plays a significant role in the attendance management. They act as employee relations representatives thereby providing the respective managers with the guidance and support in the various stages of the attendance management system. Various attendance related issues like interpretation of sick leave policy, long- term disability claims, absences due to workplace injuries, excessive sick leave, so on are well assisted by the human resources representatives. The supervisors have a right to expect regular attendance by the employees. If any absence is potentially disrupting a department’s productivity, the supervisors take complete charge in sorting out the issue and hence bringing back the employees in streamline with the company’s attendance policies and procedures.

The special features like auto permission request are used in WorkGoal, as it enables the respective managers and the business heads to sanction the leave or permission applied by the employees. This online software generates value by increasing the employee productivity and actively engaging the workforce. Also the software synchronizes attendance data online. The visually appealing graphical charts provide indication for absenteeism and color coding for permission and leave. The employee must however be aware of the resources available on one hand and the supervisor must encourage and support the employee in achieving and maintaining excellent attendance.

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