WorkGoalUsage of Web based solutions has radically changed all the industry activities. Today, every trade activity is computerized. The internet bonds the world together. The recruitment procedure is mostly connected to the huge amount of interactions between the boss and the job seeker. Previously, this process is performed by means of substantial media like post. Hence, time of turnaround in the procedure is also of considerably high also there are other restrictions like geography and so on.

The Internet has altered the recruitment process significantly because here, interaction takes very minimal time. Another technological tool offered by internet is the variety of function tools for mechanization. The Recruitment management software is one of the applications developed to make recruitment task easy and much effective compared to that of the traditional one. It also helps in keeping track of millions of resumes that come to the recruiters.

Internet based solution has refined the recruitment process from the posting of new requirements to reverting back to the applicant for interviews and respective details. Now, the posts for the job openings posted on the recruitment websites or companies can gather the curriculum vittae directly from these websites. The candidates or the job-seekers also apply for these positions through email.

With the recruitment management software, these resumes in the form of email attachments can be transformed in Human Resource documents and saved efficiently without losing any important information. The main advantage of this Recruitment management software is the efficient parser. They help in extracting the key information from the resumes. These documents are a standard web document that can be processed by any web based application. This process of accepting resumes eliminates the necessities of manual data entry. It also reduces the typographical mistakes.

After storing the resumes in the database it make sure that there is no duplication of resumes, the Recruitment management software scans all the resumes again to match with the job requirements. The filtered resumes are short listed. The chosen applicants can be informed for interviews through facilities like bulk emails. This entire procedure can be in very less time compared to the traditional process.

The recruitment management software have thus made it very simple for the Human Resource departments to perform recruitment process in short time and cost-effectively. The organization can keep track of each and every candidate and also update their respective status.

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