An Employee is likely to take lesser number of leaves when he is engaged and satisfied with the roles and responsibilities that have been offered to him by the organization. Even though Employee Absenteeism is a managerial problem it has adverse effects on the performance, leadership and morale of other employees in the organization. When the employees are able to be effective in their job in spite of being absent then his / her talents aren’t used efficiently. Let us take a peek on the impact of absenteeism and lack of Employee Engagement.

The first and foremost effect of Employee absenteeism in an organization is decreased productivity. No employee in an organization exists without being a team player so when one employee does not turn up to the workplace all the work that needs to be performed by him / her will be held back and this will be having a domino effect on the other tasks that depends on this incomplete task. The employees who do not absent themselves tend to lose their enthusiasm in the work they perform. They not only able to complete their task because of the absentees but also must do extra work to meet the deadlines. Above all this backbone for any organization, the loyalty of employees over the management will be lost.

Absenteeism cannot be stopped at once and for all but it could be kept in bay by using a web based solution to handle the employee attendance and to track their activities. Online attendance management helps in keeping track of employee’s in-time, out-time, lunch time and break time. This attendance data helps the Human resource managers and the top management officials to decide on the remuneration of a particular employee during the performance review process. The key to avert employee absenteeism is to analyze employees roles and responsibilities by keeping track on them and make sure that they are engaged towards their roles and work towards their productivity.


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