Attendance Management SystemToday’s web based applications has a lot of advantages in coordinating Human Resource activities. It can be effectively used while determining the income of workers based on the amount of time used while completing their tasks. Few latest systems let the users log in and log out through their computer. It keeps a monitor on workforce, that is, for example for how many hours a certain employee has done productive work during the office hours.

The following are few of the advantages of using Attendance management software:

The amount of time invested by the Human resource administrator while doing this time calculation work manually of every single employee in the organization is very high. The possibility of error occurrences is very high too. Employee efficiency is perfectly handled with this application. When an employee’s work hours mentioned or logged in the organization proactive plans could be taken whether this employee faces any difficulty in his responsibilities based on these necessary training programs could be arranged.  If an organization is cost conscious then it can set up such application instead of fingerprint presence control system because these systems are very cost effective compared to the latter. Using punch cards for attendance was tedious and led to many mistakes. By using time and store in the workplace the precision is good as well as the price is also affordable.

A study reveals that workers using traditional punch cards method make more mistakes than the one who use web based applications.  Managers have better control over workers at any point of time. They can view the performance, attendance status, check in and check out time.  This application can also help in looking at leaves or permissions that were already applied. This statistics in turn can help in handling the business in a better way.

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