Attendance Management SystemEmployee absenteeism is an issue that is predominantly faced in any industry ranging from Information technology to manufacturing industry. The term absenteeism represents when employees do not turn up to the work place. There are different kinds of absenteeism. They are planned and unplanned. Planned absenteeism is when the senior authority knows well ahead that the employee will not turn up. Whereas unplanned absenteeism are the leaves taken by the employees without giving prior notice or intimation to their respective seniors. Under each of this absenteeism, it could be further divided into innocent absenteeism and culpable absenteeism. Innocent absenteeism is an absenteeism where employees take off due to genuine reason like health issues and family circumstances. Whereas culpable absenteeism is opposite of innocent absenteeism, here employees take off with no proper reasons.

Employee Absenteeism is unavoidable in any industry. There is equal probability for all employees to take off because of any genuine reasons and nothing much could be done by Human resource professionals in these cases. But when the absenteeism follows the culpable trend then it is the high time for human resource managers to take actions to curb this kind of absenteeism. Prolonged culpable absenteeism will have irreparable impact on the productivity of the organization. Attendance management software helps in keeping a check on employee activities and analyze their absenteeism pattern. Frequent absenteeism leads to attrition of the particular employee. A human resource professional cannot change decisions on the employees who have decided to leave the firm but can take steps on analyzing the reasons for employee attrition and take respective steps to overcome it. Employee Attendance management system will keep track of the in time, out time and also enables employees to state reasons on why s/he takes off. At right time the senior officials in the hierarchy can act upon the problems that have developed, for seamless execution of business strategy.

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